Wednesday, May 30, 2007


why you should join myLot
We've heard reports of many myLot users who spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot.

"Nothing can be that interesting?" you might ask.

Well, then you've probably never experienced a place like myLot.

It can be addicting enough to kill days on end, but also functional and useful enough for the millions of internet users who only have a few precious moments in their busy days for "online time."

Yeahh offcourse... nice online time and be talkative
You should know how to cheat mylot :)

MyLot : Lamer Style

Owww... somebody are tired posting in mylot and ask to me.

Q : Do you have shortcut to be lamer in mylot!
A : You just ask to the right person. I am lamer, i can trick out mylot.
Q : But how ??
A : The question is always how :)
Q : You are to much talk and sound like big mouth.
A : It's secret... you have to pay me to just to make me reveal howto lamer in mylot.
Q : Are you joking me ??
A : No ... man.
Q : So What do you mean ??
A : I mean i can kick "mylot" pants.
Hereis the the scenario... I can post 200 subject long with plagiarism style if i want to but you know i dont do it. Yes some time i do plagiarism when i am tired and emotionaly unstable.
Q : You are too much word.
A : Offcourse... its the way lamer should walk :)
Q : Anyway i do want to know the way you claim can generate 200 subject...
A : Just wait... i will teach you in my next spare time

This the lamest thing in mylot i can give for you ...

Money Machine

Some people are dreaming about money machine, thats worked and made money even though they are sleep. In Social network its can be done ofcourse money machine means referal system. with referal you dont need to push your limit. just let the referal play their multiplication rule :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

So many lesson learned.

The discussion in mylot is so much redundancy, sometime 1 idea much response if shaped in nice word subject.
If you are great point achiever who race in mylot. i can suggest you should response that new user subject created. Its do much help you much.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mylot : Monetize discussion

Today i my point arround 135. Just good for beginer like me. Still learning "how it's work" from mylot site. I guess it totally backed up with microsoft technology. ASP .Net 2.0

Thursday, May 17, 2007

mylot oh my...

journey of discussion on social network...

This is little fulfilement to my couriosity about

There is something standard web 2.0 implemented in, yes i do "confuse" about latest technology that i leaved long time ago. in a try to write effort to open my mind and knowledge again to "online scene".

1. Post your interesting idea or suggestion you have.

2. Response to other you have same interesting discussion.

3. Dont be one time poster

4. Communicate with showing warmth and smartness you have.

4. Choose unique tag that do support your interest.