Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kumpulan Iklan kreatif

Kumpulan Iklan kreatif that do eye catching

Monday, November 24, 2008

cari uang di internet

cara cari uang di internet

an indonesian article about how to make money online.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Series

Just found quite interesting Twilight Series
Do you ready to see twilight ?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how to freelance writer fee

One of the most frequently asked questions, the fledgling freelancer prays, "Someone wants and I can write a few articles about them, but the name my price. How can I charge?"

You have to come from numbers ... So, what are you doing?

There are many things you can do to fix one price, which is responsible:

First, you can meet the standard rate for writing and selling the same for everyone.

Typically, the percentage of the word, as word of 1-100 XX dollars, 101-250 words XX dollars, etc., or it may be a fixed rate of speech, such as $ 0.10-1.00 of the word, or more or less. You set a course. The problem with fixed rates is that everyone is different and writing tests and the time necessary to write differently and, therefore, that price.

One thing you can do to try to return it to the contractor requesting their services. Tell them, 'I do not have a fixed rate, but rather the fee for each unique project, and then to "Are you looking for in the budget for this project? "

They may or may not, you can say, but they may be on board size, so as to know what is your ballpark to work.

If they will not offer any advice, and then the next step is to check in other publications / websites, which are similar to what is asked of you and find out what will be, or as close as possible to obtain, and then set the rate of , Which is similar to that course.

Ask a slightly higher rate than you really want or need and be prepared to offer lower rates if to say, that is too high. After all, this is a negotiation, as will any kind of work. Furthermore, the threshold is that they would not accept less than the amount XX, not to speak to you in less than this, unless they can offer a few other eligible with the exception of cash (backlink, free promotion for other things so that they can qualify) .

Your goal as a freelancer must be continuously increasing the width of published credits and earn money to help his career. Who is sometimes referred to as the upper and lower wages than similar content, but if someone is really lowballing not be sold short. You'll get the reputation of working for peanuts and finally, it would only work zapochvash can get.

So to clip:

Look at what others are payment / fee for such content
try to gain by the contractor, the budget
not be sold short
Offer bit higher than the acting are "demanding"
a certain minimum threshold, and it does not go below
I shall not mention and not be sold short?

Remember that writing is a profession. Regardless of what some people think, May, or you say, write and skills, talent, art ... and deserve to be paid a livable salary for the quality of work that they do not.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

how do to do freelancer make living

When you think of freelancing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
You probably think of a writer, novelist or journalist right off hand.
That is primarily because for centuries, the only real job you could have as a
freelancer had to do with your mastery of the written word.
But we are not still stuck back in the early nineteen hundreds – no we are in the
twenty first century, a time that appreciates freelancers in hundreds of different
Sure, you have probably heard of freelance photographers too, you may have
even met one or two in your life, but what about freelance software designers,
freelance medical billing specialists, or even freelance scientific researchers?
There are all jobs that have recently begun to see massive growth in their
respective fields because more and more people are realizing that they can
make far more money working for themselves as freelancers than they ever
could solely from working under the wing of their previous employer.
So it sounds pretty good doesn’t it? You work in some field for quite a few years,
get a lot of practical experience in your chosen area of employment and then
gradually make the switch from working the nine to five to becoming your own
boss as a freelancer.
But is it really as easy as it sounds to become a freelancer and actually make a
living doing work on a freelance basis

We have to keep in mind that there are quite a few freelancers out there who are
only doing work part time.
Not because they make a ton of money and only have to work a couple of days
per week but because they actually have had some trouble finding work in the
past and need a much more solid career option in order to make sure that they
do not find themselves facing bankruptcy.
However, such a scenario does not have to happen to you if you are willing to do
whatever it takes to become a freelancer. Your career switch may not happen
overnight – but eventually you will become highly successful at what you do.
It’s a guarantee.
The first step in making that jump from office work to freelance is to decide
whether or not you have what it takes to become a freelancer.
We all want to be our own boss, but do we all have the drive and dedication that
it takes to be successful without the watchful eye of our supervisors?
Sadly, we don’t.
Therefore, you have to really sit down and think about what makes you so
special in the world of freelancers.
Do you have a large enough skill set to make you stand out amongst the hoards
of different people all seeking the same work as you?
Do you have the time management skills necessary to run your own freelancing
operation and meet all of the deadlines set upon you by your clients?
If you have even the slightest doubt in your mind about freelancing, then maybe
there are other career paths that are better for you in the long run.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Helping Freelance Writers Find Jobs, Even in the Midst of an Economic Downturn

Mason, Michigan, August 20, 2008 - Daily Writing Jobs, operating from has officially opened up its services to freelance writers around the world. Largely focusing on new and inexperienced writers, the Daily Writing Jobs report reaches beyond the readily available reference guides available today by showing writers how to find writing jobs online instead of merely showing them where to look. Unlike many of the similar guides available, the Daily Writing Jobs report shows writers of any country or gender who are at least eighteen years of age how to find writing jobs using the internet.

"Times are tough, and what a lot of everyday people fail to recognize is that they can make money from home, without a lot of experience, albeit with a helping hand" states Rob Ferrall, the manager of the Daily Writing Jobs website. "The Daily Writing Jobs report really opens up opportunities for individuals who are new to the writing field, showing them not only what they need in order to get started as a freelance writer, but how to find the writing jobs that fit their talents, schedules and writing abilities. In addition to that, any writer or would-be writer who so chooses has the option to receive personal support from a writer who has been in their shoes"

Amongst the resources and personal insight shared in the Daily Writing Jobs report, new writers have access to a quick-start guide that if followed, is purported to enable them to start earning money in the freelance writing field within two weeks.

"Truthfully, writing for the web isn’t for everybody, but the demand for freelance writing services are at an all-time high. If somebody wants to make money while working from home, whether it’s part time or full-time, becoming a freelance writer is certainly a viable option"

About the Daily Writing Jobs report:

The Daily Writing Jobs report is a resource guide for individuals who want to enter the online writing field and those who need help finding writing jobs. The report is currently available at for $34.97.

source : webwire

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not so complete list of freelance site offered in the internet

1) RentACoder
Member: Better Business Bureau and Square Trade
Number Providers:
- 147,437
Cost (providers):
- commission: 15%
Cost (buyers):
- free
Payment options:
- escrow
- credit card
- PayPal
- postal mail check (provider receives a 2.5%)
- wire transfer (US: $10.00 / non-US: $35.00) (provider receives a 2.5% discount)
- 'Seller Guarantee Deposit' (optional, must be deposited within 3
days of accepting the bid)
- credit card: 5%
- PayPal: 5%
- postal mail check: 2.5%
- wire transfer: 2.5%
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (no charge)
- postal mail check (US: $5.00 / non-US: $10.00)
- Western Union (US: $5.00 / non-US: $10.00 + Western Union's fee)
- wire transfer ($55.00 in fees)
- timeframe
- Credits are totaled on either the middle and/or end of the month
and paid out on or before the following 7th day.

2) Guru
Number Providers:
- over 577,000
Cost (providers):
-Commission: 10%
-Membership: $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter.
-Commission: 5%
-Membership: $38.94 to $129.94
-Commission: 5%
Cost (buyers):
- free
Payment options:
- escrow: (2% fee to provider)
- SafePay Invoicing (2% fee to provider)
- credit card
- PayPal
- postal mail check (earns 2% in Loyalty Dollars)
- e-check (earns 2% in Loyalty Dollars)
- wire transfer (earns 2% in Loyalty Dollars)
- Loyalty Dollars
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (International pros only, no fees but $1.00 soon)
- postal mail check ($3.00 fee)
- wire transfer (International pros only, $15.00 fee)
- direct deposit (U.S. pros only, no fee)
- Remit2India (Pros from India only, 13 rupees and $3 or $5, but $3.00 soon)

3) GetAFreelancer
Number of verified users:
- 159,686
Cost (providers):
- Commission: 10% ($5.00 minimum)
- Gold Members: $10 per month (no commission)
Cost (buyers):
- commission: 3% (minimum $3.00) per winning bid
- Gold Members: $10 per month (no commission)
Payment options:
- escrow
- PayPal
- postal mail check
- wire transfer
- Moneybookers
- E-Gold
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (when over $30.00)
- postal mail check (when over $30.00)
- wire transfer
- Western Union
- Moneybookers
- E-Gold

4) Scriptlance
Number Providers:
- 2000
Cost (providers):
- commission: 5% (minimum $5.00)
Cost (buyers):
- $5.00 per winning bid
Payment options:
- escrow
- credit card
- PayPal
- postal mail check
- wire transfer
- E-gold
- cash
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (minimum $30.00)
- processed within 3 business days
- postal mail check (minimum $30.00)
- processed at the beginning and end of the week
- wire transfer (minimum $30.00)
- processed at the beginning and end of the week
- E-Gold
- processed within 3 business days

5) GetACoder
Number Providers:
- 122389
Cost (providers):
- commission: 10% + $5.00
- Premium member: 10% only
Cost (buyers):
- $5.00 per winning bid
- Premium membership: $7.95/mo (no fee per bid)
Payment options:
- escrow
- credit card
- PayPal
- E-Gold.
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (minimum $100)
- E-Gold (minimum $100)

6) Programming Bids
Number Providers: 2,000+
Cost (providers):
- $49.00 per year
- commission: 7% (minimum $10.00)
Cost (buyers):
- commission: 3% (minimum $5) per closed bid
- Guaranteed Delivery
- commission: 15% (minimum $20.00)
Payment options:
- escrow
- credit card
- PayPal (if less than $200)
- certified or cashier's check
- money order
- wire transfer
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (minimum $15.00)
- timeframe
- Biweekly (the middle and/or end of the month for confirmed transactions)

>>> Small but they offer escrow services

7) Freelance Auction
Number Providers: n/a
Open Projects: 25
Cost (providers):
- commission: 10% (minimum $10) + $5.95 flat fee
Cost (buyers):
- $5.00 per winning bid
Payment options:
- escrow
- PayPal
- postal mail check
- money order
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (minimum $25.00)
- timeframe
- payment made as requested if minimum is in account

8) CodeLance

Number Providers: n/a
Open Projects: 18
Cost (providers):
- Primary projects: free
- Secondary projects: 7%
Cost (buyers):
- Primary projects: $20
- Secondary project: free
Payment options:
- escrow
- credit card
- PayPal
- postal mail check
Withdrawal options:
- PayPal (minimum $30.00)
- postal mail check (in UK Pounds Sterling) (minimum $30.00)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

no love stop

just a graphic i created.
hope you like it

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 entrecard 125x125 design for you

Entrecard is dedicated to your success as a blogger. Your Entrecard account is free and instant!

here i release 4 entrecard design you can you can use for your own purpose.
hope you like it. give me comment if you use it. oke here they are

1. Entrecard Design 125x125
download it

2. Entrecard Design 125x125
download it

3. Entrecard Design 125x125
download it

4. Entrecard Design 125x125
download it

yes yes i will release more if you want it. just let me know

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mahendra donni wallpaper

This is mahendra dhonni, wallpaper. only found on this site.
here they are :

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS Dhoni pronunciation (help·info) (Hindi:महेन्द्र सिंह धोनी) (born July 7, 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand) is an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian Twenty20 and ODI team.[1] Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 and CB Series of 2007-8.

Dhoni is an aggressive right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper. Dhoni is one of the wicket-keepers who have come through the ranks of junior and India A cricket teams to represent the national team - Parthiv Patel, Ajay Ratra and Dinesh Karthik being the others. Dhoni, referred to as 'Mahi' by his friends, debuted in the Bihar cricket team during the 1998/99 cricket season and was selected to represent India-A for a tour to Kenya in 2004. Along with Gautam Gambhir, Dhoni made multiple centuries against the Pakistan-A team in a tri-nation series and was selected in the Indian national team later in that year.

Dhoni scored 148 against Pakistan in his fifth ODI match in 2005 - then the highest score by an Indian wicketkeeper. Later in the year, he broke his own record as well as set the current world record for the highest score in the second innings in ODI matches as he scored 183* against Sri Lanka. Dhoni's success in the limited overs format secured him a place in the test team and coincidentally he made his maiden test century in his fifth Test match, when he scored 148 against Pakistan. Consistent performances in ODI cricket through the end of the 2005/06 season saw Dhoni ranked as the No. 1 batsman in the ICC ODI ratings briefly.

Dhoni's form dipped through 2006 as India lost matches at the ICC Champions trophy, DLF Cup, away bilateral series against West Indies and South Africa. A return to form in the home series against West Indies and SriLanka in early 2007 proved to be an inaccurate indicator of Dhoni's form as India crashed out of the first round in the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Dhoni was out for duck in both India's losses. After the World Cup, Dhoni won the Man of the series award in the bilateral ODI tournament against Bangladesh. For the tour of England, Dhoni was named the ODI team vice-captain.[2]

A batter, Dhoni has shown the maturity to restrain his aggressive nature and play a responsible innings when the situation requires.[2] Apart from traditional shots, Dhoni has two very unorthodox but effective cricket strokes. Since his entry into the Indian cricket team, Dhoni's aggressive batting style, success on the field, personality, and long hair have made him one of the most marketable cricketers in India.[3][4]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

another free custom dark theme to download

here another free beside wallpaper stuff from this blog :).
i did this in the past and i would like give it to you.
this jpeg image created in high resolution. so don't worry to abuse it :).
if you want the psd or xhtml/css it just let me know.
you can get from here :

or here :

pls give me comment if you are using it.

thanks GOT PR4?? what ?

Anyway I don't really know what Page Rank works, i just found strange in this situation just let you know what happen to Pearch Engine, I mean search engine in ranking pages. ( SERP ) " how do to do freelancer diary... "
first thing you should know that i use :
1. SearchStatus 1.25 firefox add on.
Great tools for support Search Engine checking.

2. And this is just happen to my blog.

Anyone can explain this things ????

Friday, July 25, 2008


this jpeg file are high resolution 1024 x 768. get it if you like. i will offering more free stuff for you. This NEBULA

are created in 15 minutes. quite fast enough. Just give me feed back. i had alot something photoshop image to throw away. sometime have a coreldraw and this is execlusively available here. you won't find this on other site.

Not a SEM SEO friendly blog on

Yes this site look like not optimised for a SEARCH engine. cause i am not too much editing on text, titles, meta tags, alt tags, span, ofcourse never mind if this have no <:GEOTAG:. Have no Marketing mind. Far from Tung Desem Waringin style. who have good idea on market share on his Marketing Revolution. my mine just full of junk. haven't a SHARP SERP, the google bots which crawl sitemap.xml. but i do like to start from lame "HIGH PAYING KEYWORD COLLECTOR".

Thursday, July 24, 2008

how do i : easy 250$ to your paypal

Yes its about free 250$. just fill the offer, affiliate and get your price. claim your prize now.

you just need to sign up browse the offer and make credits then after reffering 5 people you got your 250$. the smallest money to achieve. you can claim more higher price if you thing you are good enough in marketing field. Just let me know if we can make it together :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

free rss icon for download.

here they are i created rss image for you. just free to abuse. :). this is png files.

kawi mountain trail journey

this is the great journey of trailing over the forrest in east java some time ago performing by wahyu, gendon, nonot, and another beloved friend

How do i market graphic design services ?

Everyday in freelancing world just born "ready to die" designer. I mean the designer who willing to do their work underpaidly.
In this rat race competition its better to range your market just to make sure that you are not in saturated market service you are offer.
here they are some tips i :

1.) Building a Portfolio : yes, you really need good looking and clean work.
sometime you just can start your portfolio with showing them on

2.) Branding Themselves : try to figure out what kind of image do you want to be appear, so the client can decide, if you do meet your client requirement. Brand is also a paramount in the service arena; its do creates awareness, drives more people perception, and improves desirability. Brands with awareness have a chance to perceived value, which allows getting higher price points.

3.) Public relations : public relations effort must involving more than news releases, special events and brochures. The right public relations really do alter individual perception and lead to changed behaviors that help you succeed.

4.) Acquiring Clients : its always a challenge for Acquiring new clients and translating them into long-term relationships, and establishing and fostering relationship based on confidence.

thats four simple tips
at last but not least

Leave the bad competition alone...

Focus on your design works and keep building good portfolio... money will follow you whenever you go...

Free proxy theme | High quality unique proxy design

here they are an attempt to create psd proxy template

just let me know if you want it :).
yes i will send you in psd (photoshop format). give a feedback/comment just to make better for future work. Yes it's not web 2.0 style, techie theme. :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

earning affiliate program paypal


mylotventure here...

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