Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How do i market graphic design services ?

Everyday in freelancing world just born "ready to die" designer. I mean the designer who willing to do their work underpaidly.
In this rat race competition its better to range your market just to make sure that you are not in saturated market service you are offer.
here they are some tips i :

1.) Building a Portfolio : yes, you really need good looking and clean work.
sometime you just can start your portfolio with showing them on

2.) Branding Themselves : try to figure out what kind of image do you want to be appear, so the client can decide, if you do meet your client requirement. Brand is also a paramount in the service arena; its do creates awareness, drives more people perception, and improves desirability. Brands with awareness have a chance to perceived value, which allows getting higher price points.

3.) Public relations : public relations effort must involving more than news releases, special events and brochures. The right public relations really do alter individual perception and lead to changed behaviors that help you succeed.

4.) Acquiring Clients : its always a challenge for Acquiring new clients and translating them into long-term relationships, and establishing and fostering relationship based on confidence.

thats four simple tips
at last but not least

Leave the bad competition alone...

Focus on your design works and keep building good portfolio... money will follow you whenever you go...

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