Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how to freelance writer fee

One of the most frequently asked questions, the fledgling freelancer prays, "Someone wants and I can write a few articles about them, but the name my price. How can I charge?"

You have to come from numbers ... So, what are you doing?

There are many things you can do to fix one price, which is responsible:

First, you can meet the standard rate for writing and selling the same for everyone.

Typically, the percentage of the word, as word of 1-100 XX dollars, 101-250 words XX dollars, etc., or it may be a fixed rate of speech, such as $ 0.10-1.00 of the word, or more or less. You set a course. The problem with fixed rates is that everyone is different and writing tests and the time necessary to write differently and, therefore, that price.

One thing you can do to try to return it to the contractor requesting their services. Tell them, 'I do not have a fixed rate, but rather the fee for each unique project, and then to "Are you looking for in the budget for this project? "

They may or may not, you can say, but they may be on board size, so as to know what is your ballpark to work.

If they will not offer any advice, and then the next step is to check in other publications / websites, which are similar to what is asked of you and find out what will be, or as close as possible to obtain, and then set the rate of , Which is similar to that course.

Ask a slightly higher rate than you really want or need and be prepared to offer lower rates if to say, that is too high. After all, this is a negotiation, as will any kind of work. Furthermore, the threshold is that they would not accept less than the amount XX, not to speak to you in less than this, unless they can offer a few other eligible with the exception of cash (backlink, free promotion for other things so that they can qualify) .

Your goal as a freelancer must be continuously increasing the width of published credits and earn money to help his career. Who is sometimes referred to as the upper and lower wages than similar content, but if someone is really lowballing not be sold short. You'll get the reputation of working for peanuts and finally, it would only work zapochvash can get.

So to clip:

Look at what others are payment / fee for such content
try to gain by the contractor, the budget
not be sold short
Offer bit higher than the acting are "demanding"
a certain minimum threshold, and it does not go below
I shall not mention and not be sold short?

Remember that writing is a profession. Regardless of what some people think, May, or you say, write and skills, talent, art ... and deserve to be paid a livable salary for the quality of work that they do not.

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