Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MyLot : Lamer Style

Owww... somebody are tired posting in mylot and ask to me.

Q : Do you have shortcut to be lamer in mylot!
A : You just ask to the right person. I am lamer, i can trick out mylot.
Q : But how ??
A : The question is always how :)
Q : You are to much talk and sound like big mouth.
A : It's secret... you have to pay me to just to make me reveal howto lamer in mylot.
Q : Are you joking me ??
A : No ... man.
Q : So What do you mean ??
A : I mean i can kick "mylot" pants.
Hereis the the scenario... I can post 200 subject long with plagiarism style if i want to but you know i dont do it. Yes some time i do plagiarism when i am tired and emotionaly unstable.
Q : You are too much word.
A : Offcourse... its the way lamer should walk :)
Q : Anyway i do want to know the way you claim can generate 200 subject...
A : Just wait... i will teach you in my next spare time

This the lamest thing in mylot i can give for you ...

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